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Church Fashion – Careful What You Wear To Church written by: jaeljack

Church Fashion – Careful What You Wear To Church


What to wear to church every Sunday and other holy days has been quite the predicament most of us have been in often enough. Church fashion has been an ongoing war between the traditionalists and contemporaries – and judging by what people are wearing, the contemporary mindset seems to be winning, in most places at least. People just attend church with whatever they happen to be wearing at the time and the objections and murmurs are diminishing day by day.


Changing Trends

In times past, dressing up for church was important and meaningful. Young and old men alike would don their Sunday best, complete with coat, tie, hat and shoes polished to a mirror shine. Ladies and grannies would wear traditional hats and long dresses ensuring that only the skin on their face, hands and perhaps a little towards the lower legs shows if at all. However, things have changed in modern times – and most old folk would say, “For the worse”.


In most churches mass has changed with church fashion. Service is much less orthodox and serious. In fact, service in many churches is very relaxed, watch box for men Dapperfield and even short. Church goers of today are not the dress up types; their attire is much more casual – if not very. Jerseys, pullovers, T-shirts and even sneakers are in vogue. So, was there ever anything spiritual about a tie or a dress? After all God looks at the heart of a person not what he or she is wearing! But traditional church fashion had, if not much, at least a hint of respect for everyone who attended. Not to mention respect for the Lord. People dressed in their best to present themselves before the Lord and his people. Today anything goes.


Dress To Fit In or Dress According To The Times?

Today’s church goers are an informal lot, and there is no objection to the way they dress, if they dress respectfully that is. Some of the youth take freedom of expression a bit too literally. When respect for others – especially the elderly - is ignored in the name of freedom, things begin to cross the line. So, should there be a dress code for church fashion? Perhaps, but if guys stop wearing tight jeans, unbuttoned shirts displaying their chest tattoos and do not turn up with unkempt beards and hair, and the ladies should show a little less cleavage, back and leg skin – at least in church - church fashion will become respectable once again. After all, temptation is a sin.


Universal Change

In the ultimate analysis, fashion, not just church fashion, has been changing drastically over the years and all over the globe. Freedom has taken over from traditional orthodoxy and people are making the most of it. If business dress can be replaced by casuals and christened “business casuals” just to make it legitimate, then worshippers changing church fashion can be forgiven. “At least they are attending service”, is the excuse the pastors will offer. And perhaps the holy men might just be right.


But seriously, should we sit back and debate whether walking into a chapel or a church sporting a red, white or green Mohawk, deliberately ripped jeans, and tops that do anything buy cover the body. Or should we just let church fashion take its course and go with the flow and take recourse in what the pastors believe – at least they are attending service!